Solemika | Impossibly wonderful table ‘Penroso’ by Solemika & Zapalgo
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Impossibly wonderful table ‘Penroso’ by Solemika & Zapalgo

art, design, furniture
About This Project

Sidetable impossible? Not any more. We present you the designers impossibility in it’s purest coffee table form. It was inspired by so called Penrose triangle and is an outcome of co-operation between ceramic wondermakerin Solemika and the crew behind Zapalgo lamps manufactory. Hand-made triangle tiles make an impossible, unrealistic pattern and the industrial, lofty copper finish underlines its fascinating old-fashioned otherworldliness. A true craftmanship piece of infinite human imagination, yet tangible work of human hands. We present you Penroso.

IMG_4095 IMG_4093