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Projekt Jelonika

art, business, design, handmade, interior design, local identity
About This Project

The Jelonika is a project designed to public area and found his place under the counter in famous Bar Gemba in Warsaw as part of their folk designed space. Unlikely to my previous works The Jelonika is a scene inspired by The Hunting in Poland poster. Simply geometric design of a hunter defeated by a deer gets a new look in this 700 hand made tiles masterpiece. Colourful composition is based on rectangles and covers the curved wall at the entrance of the bar.
The Jelonika was made to match Gemba’s atmosphere and fits perfectly with their Polish meat based tapas menu.
A wee addition to big mosaic is a mirror in ladies restroom with a ceramic frame of a stag shape. Makes you feel like part of it and gives some extra confidence on a way to dance floor.

dsc_7266-01 dsc_7248-02