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Aurora project is a magical example of geometrical transformation. Watching Aurora Borealis during my last journey to Iceland, gave me an idea to add another factor to my unique tile collection.

I have decided to play around with light and color design. I have looked into multiple coloring techniques to obtain a new and fresh product. I was aiming to create a design that would transform in the dark, and this is how I achieved the idea of using phosphorescent paint.

A manual production lets us use full variety of shape and patterns. These tiles are entirely handmade. I start the process with the clay work, the clay is being molded into shapes using an old traditional technique called „corda seca”, widely used in the XVI th century in Portugal but has actually been originated much earlier in Arabian countries. Each tile is individually cut then fired in kiln. All tiles then are painted, glazed and fired again.
Those tiles all have craved lines in which I have placed phosphorescent pigment and this then transforms into aurora design in the dark. UV light can be an amazing alternative for a fluorescent paint , especially for more commercial purposes.
UV light paint comes in many colors which opens a lot creative opportunities for different aesthetics.