Solemika helps you create branding for your space. We specialize in ceramic installations which can be uniquely identified with your brand.
Beautiful, yet strong ceramic tiles are perfect for bars, reception desks or wall decors.

Solemika offers you also personalized ceramic jewelry for your home. We design unique ceramic art for your kitchen, bathroom and all your living spaces whose character you want to define.


Solemika cooperates with various artisans to create beautiful and functional mirrors, tables and other furnishings – the imagination is your limit.


Solemika has used time-honored techniques to make historical replicas of tiles for famous monuments- such as the Pena palace in Sintra, Portugal and the historical baths of the 16th century Łańcut palace in Poland. Custom made tiles can also be requested for various projects.

Custom order

Have an idea for something new that is mentioned above? I’m open to new ideas and opportunities for collaboration.